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Working with passengers who have disabilities
Canberra Elite strongly supports this 13Cabs initiative and this training video is being used to train all Canberra Elite drivers.

Champions ACT

Champions ACT is a campaign that encourages young people aged 18-24 years to look after their friends and have a safer drinking experience on a night out in Canberra. Thank you to Canberra Elite's Sunny for doing this interview with ChampionsACT to help promote safer ways to travel to and from licensed venues, and raise awareness about drink driving and pedestrian safety.

Canberra Elite
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Welcome to Canberra Elite's New Websites
Welcome to Canberra Elite's New Website

Canberra Elite's Orbital Liquid Injection Taxi
Canberra Elite and Orbital Liquid LPG Injection are working together to promote the benefits of LPG Liquid gas systems. Canberra Elite will have three Canberra taxis presented in the green livery during 2011. These cars are our presentation vehicles to convey the message that liquid gas injection provides an 11% reduction in carbon. Ie C02 savings. These cars are fitted with the new liquid gas fuel systems. Canberra Elite's service centre in Fyshwick will be installing the new Liquid gas equipment in the cars that we add to our Canberra Elite taxi fleet, from February 2011. This new approach will improve the operational efficiency of our fleet and make a contribution to reducing greenhouse gases.

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