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Mobile Apps

TAXI Bookings in Canberra just got smarter and easier.

“Aerial announces the release of Taxi2Me, its new Smart Phone application to book taxis in Canberra using GPS. The Canberra Elite taxi fleet can now be booked using your smartphone with a (free download) smartphone application. Use the Taxi2me Application to book a taxi now, using your GPS location. The App will locate you and then look for taxis nearby. Alternatively use the App to make a future booking and receive an sms notification when your taxi is close by. This application is available for iPhone, and Android smartphones.

How to Download, Taxi2Me, the Free Taxi booking application for Canberra Elite Taxis

  • IPhone and iPad taxi app – go to the Apple Apps Store and search for “Taxi2Me” (free download)
  • Android taxi app – go to the Android Apps market and search for“Taxi2me” (free download)

Each Taxi App will assist you to make a Canberra Elite Taxi booking.

How to set up the Taxi App

There are a few simple steps to making a taxi booking using our phone app.

Step 1 – Download the new Taxi2Me App to your smartphone. (See the above instructions on where to find the App for your phone) and open the App. (Touch or click on the App)

Step 2 - Select Signup and fill in the requested information. (Name, phone number, email and password) then select submit. An authentication page will appear, requesting a pin.

Step 3 – An email notification and pin number will be sent to your registered address.

Step 4 – type the pin into the authentication page and submit. If you have any issues with your pin, select Regenerate and a new pin will be sent to your registered email address.

Step 5 – A pop up message will notify you that you have successfully registered your account and the main login screen will reappear. Type in ‘email address’ and ‘password’, select ‘remember me’ and select ‘Next’ and then ‘Go’ on your keypad.

Step 6 – You are now ready to place a taxi booking. Select the Booking tab at the bottom of the screen.

Book Now!
If you are ready for your taxi now, select Book Now on the booking page. The App will look for your current location. To alter the GPS on Iphone, long press on the desired pickup location on the map and select book now. To alter the location on Android, select ‘Clear’ and double tap on the desired location. Select ‘Book Now’ and The app will now look for a taxi close by. If no taxis are within a 500 metre radius, the App will ask if you would like to extend the search field by 500metres. Once a taxi is within range, the pickup address will be confirmed. If you would like to change this to a landmark or cabspot, tap on the address and select as required. Once you are happy with your pickup location, submit your booking. Please note, if your location is within 100 metre of a taxi rank, a notification will appear advising you to go to the rank. The taxi ranks are clearly displayed on the Book Now map.

Step 7 - You will receive an email confirmation at your registered address, outlining the details of your booking. Due to the booking being sent to the nearest taxi, the booking details are unable to be modified or cancelled and will not appear in My Bookings within the booking page.

Future Bookings!
A booking consists of a “Pickup Address” a “Destination” and in some cases special conditions. First the Pickup Address and then “Destination” and if needed “Driver Information” or ‘Special Conditions”.The App is simple to use. The App allows you to store you “Favourites”; that is pickup points or destinations that you frequently use. This will save you time and make it quicker and easier to book your next trip with Canberra Elite. The App is based on Canberra’s Suburbs. This is your first choice when making a new booking. The choices are “Street, Landmark or Favourites”. If you choose a Street then the first choice is “Suburb” followed by pickup “Street” and “Address Number”. If you choose a Landmark you have to know in which Suburb the Landmark resides. (Sorry, but this is the way our database works). Choose the Suburb and then you will be given a list of Landmarks from which to make a choice. When you make choices you will be asked to store them in your Favourites.

ETA Preference – There is also a choice on every booking to take the ETA Preference option. ETA allows us to send you an SMS that tells you when you Taxi, including the taxi number, is within 900m of the pickup. I.e. you will know that your taxi is coming and close by. PLEASE NOTE – ETA preference uses premium SMS services on your phone and this will incur an SMS cost from your Telco supplier. i.e. You must have access for premium SMS on your smartphone. If you don’t want a message to tell you that a taxi is within 900 m of the requested pickup point then check. “NO”.

Step 8 - Other Things to help you –

My Details - Is the details you have registered in your account. Use this page to update your contact details and password. Tools - The Tools tab will help you manage your Favourites. We have also added a Fare Calculator, based on Google maps. The estimate will give a simple estimate of the point-to-point travel costs. It does not include any applicable waiting time, parking costs, tolls or other applicable charges. A detailed map of all taxi rank locations across the ACT has also been include. We hope you enjoy using the new App. We have tried to make it quick and easy to use. But if we can make it even easier or better, then we would like to hear from you. Any constructive views, hints, tips or wishes on how to make our Apps your favourite, please send us an email to

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